Friday, August 17, 2007

What If?

I've spent the last two days back at school. I'm so overwhelmed by everything. Not only did I get a new classroom, but I have new toys. The past two days I've been spending time setting up my projection cart and my SmartBoard. If you enter my classroom you will enter a room full of students have access to the world!!!

Watch out world...Ms. Johnson's class is online....and we have the world at a touch of a button.

I'm still overwhelmed with procedural routines. Like how I expect my students to reflect in a blog daily about what we are this too much time do I need to set aside...

I think this, like all things in education, will depend on my students...trial and error.

But I'm excited and ready and wondering ..."WHAT IF?"

Our speaker at the district Welcome Back rally said that we should be fueled by our "What ifs" greatness and great change is only attainable by those who question: "What if"....

Here we are on the brink...

What if I offer my low-level students technology that is usually reserved for upper-level courses?

What if I expect my students to learn in a global environment?

What if I offer my students experiences so rich they can't help but learn?

What if I believe they cannot fail?

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Joseph Miller said...


This blog is amazing. I was still monitoring your old blog in my aggregator and had no diea you had started this...I guess I am a little spacey. I think you have leaped into the pool with both feet.