Monday, August 13, 2007

getting started...again

I have new classes this year and new expectations surrounding how information is received and used (through technology). This is the first time I working with a team that needs to enforce the same rules and procedures. I'm bucking that a little :) I guess I'm used to (as all teacher do) doing things MY way!! Its not really that big of a deal though!
I need to begin thinking Social Studies again! I have been thinking content all summer, but I think the procedures part of a Social Studies class is different than those in literacy?! The classes will definitely be set up differently!
Maybe they are not as different as they seem?? I don't really know where to begin to make sure that my procedures are down -- especially if I want my students blogging, those things have to be set right a way...Atleast that's what I'm expecting!!
How will I set up the walls in my room for two different subjects? And my board?
Now I'm overwhelmed!

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