Tuesday, August 28, 2007

well deserved lunch

While I'm digesting my delicious hummus and turkey sandwich I wanted to digest what happened so far today. I have had 1 literacy class and 1.5 American History classes.
I had 3 new students today in my History classes.

In literacy, first block I have few behavior problems. This week we worked on the sound "sh" and how that sound is said and spelled. I also read to them to work on fluency. They created vocabulary glossaries on powerpoint for the words in our current reading on Revolutions

My history classes are still daunting. I am trying to balance the fact that I have half ESL students with native speakers. I tried sheltering readings for them and that worked, but I fear I'm working my para overtime.

I assigned a webquest today on the civil war but, with all the pictures and recordings, I fear it is still language heavy.

I did an exit slip today and it looks like, at least, most students are getting the basic causes of the civil war.

I began using a 4 point rubric for my objectives. I conferenced a little with students today, they seemed eager to try to get a 4. I told them that a 3 was all I expected and if they wanted a 4 they'd have to go a little farther. They stayed in the room when the bell rang working for a 4 on their exit slip. It was pretty amazing.

I know I'm expecting a lot out of my ELA students and I hope they're just frustrated enough to get moving...I hope I don't over power them! And I hope I don't lose my native speakers.

I observed one of my tough boys working with a para today and proudly giving me his completed work...wow. If he had access, he really wants to learn. So we set up a folder in class for him because he didn't want to lose his work.

I spoke with another one of my tough guys about college and careers. He seemed a little more willing work harder.

I wonder though...did I start too early on group work? Should I have started the year with textbook and individual work? Did I give them too much group freedom all at once? I don't even have textbooks! My class has a structure, but they're already working on projects. And while the majority of them are on-task there seems to be a few that cannot handle it.

On a side note....I'm contemplating opening a cell phone store! I have acquired a lot of really nice ones the past few days!

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Stewart said...

I won't worry so much. You are a great teacher and getting better by the second. You are going to adjust for what the students need even before they realize they needed it. If most are on task, that is huge progress. Keep going, the kids will let you know if they are overwhelmed. I think we tend to err on the cautious side of not pushing them very hard, but then they can't grow very much.