Wednesday, August 22, 2007

for the mommas

On my way to school this morning I saw several mothers walking their big high schoolers to the bus stop. It took my breath away. No matter how they act, they are still just kids.
they have mommas who woke them up this morning and dressed them with the best clothes they could. Their mommas gave them the best school supplies they could and walked them to the bus hoping their child would get the best education they can.

What pressure

These students, who try to push every button I have and try to appear like they don't care, have mommas at home hoping for the very best for their child...because these mommas have only ever given these children their very best. ... And thats all they can offer: hopes for the very best.


T said...

Tonia Johnson,

My name is Thomas Feeney,>>.

Habiba S. wanted very much to contact you.

So WE went to your website, and I think she will perhaps read your website much more now.




Janell said...


Your insight into the mommas walking high school boys to the bus stop was refreshing and rewarding. You made me visualize and remember that all parents want what is best for their children...big or small. I know that you will provide the best for these students.


Joseph Miller said...

Thanks for helping us keep our mission in focus. These students are very lucky to have you as their teacher.