Thursday, August 30, 2007

ho-hum day

I need to spend the afternoon planning for a sub. I have everything but the instructions typed for them. My computer turns off every time I put in a thumbdrive -- which is not helping!

In literacy today the students began our recipe project. They are to interview a family member about a special recipe and then write out the recipe and ingrediants with a little antecdote about why the recipe is so important to them. When they get finished next week, we'll bind them and have a parent pot-luck.

In history my students continued to do their webquest. They finished today. After talking to them and looking at what they've done, I really think they're at least getting the basic concept. Tomorrow I have them reading from a textbook and taking assisted notes. I also have a concept activity for my low ELL where they group the basic differences between the North and the South in a pictoral way. I will have all of them do a cloze activity with the main vocabulary.

Behavior was pretty okay today my third block had a lot of tardies and then they sat and talked. I had to raise my voice and get "angry" but they were really good for the rest of class. My 4th block has a ton of tardies and I held a few of them for most of thier lunch for it!

I'm exhaused and teaching at the ILC tonight!! Yipee ..... ESL I can't wait but at this point I'm so tired and sick I don't know how it will go!!

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