Thursday, August 9, 2007

Metacognative Experiences

I've just finished a work shop with Darren Kurpatowa. After reading the first two chapters of Marzano's new book: The Art and Science of Teaching, I've seen the merit and need for educational experiences or "chunks." Using technology to create those experiences has opened up new doors for me!

I would also like to explore making blogging with my students as a "metacognative" tool. I have reflections, but I would like to set up a process where each day there is an opportunity for them to summarize, reflect and add information to what we have covered in class. I am so scared about their immaturity though. However, based on my (little) experience if I give them opportunities to be mature and handle their education with maturity they usually amaze me!


Sharon said...

Way to go Tonia - you will not be disappointed with your students! Darren is truly one of the most innovative and creative teachers I have met! I blogged for two years with my students in various ways - they loved it and I watched their writing improve considerably. The engagement of my students was also very high.
I am always so encouraged to see teachers take up the challenge of trying out these new approaches. You are beginning a new and wonderful adventure.

I will be there cheerleading for you!

Best, Sharon Peters (a woman of web 2.0)

Tonia Johnson said...

Thank you so much Sharon. It is easy to want to take on this challenge while following in the footsteps of amazing teachers like you and Darren!

Thank you for your thoughts and collaboration, I hope to interact more with you in the future!