Thursday, January 17, 2008

finally a post

I took a computer hiatus during Christmas vacation. It has taken me a week and a half since being back to muster the energy and time to begin blogging again.

If anyone questions the legitimacy of students blogging, they must understand how exhausting it is!

I began my research project on ELL blogging. So far so good. They have blogged five or six times in the past week. Their first step was to create a blog of their own. They have now been posting reflection on daily learning on their blog. As a teacher it makes it very clear who's getting the content and who's not.

One frustration however is that 3 or 4 students out of every class forget their log in information. I don't understand this because they can remember their yahoo and myspace information. I think that the expectation of them being responsible for the posting will impact that!

Next week I want them to begin commenting and cross-posting on their classmates' bog.

In the next few days I'm trying to set up an aggregator with all their blogs on it.

I need to get back to "quantitating data"

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Joseph Miller said...

Looking forward to seeing what students are up to! Exciting to see this research grow.