Thursday, January 24, 2008

AM Pre-Flight

My thought this morning.....
Teaching is a weird and wonderful experience. Each day is filled with both types of encounters. Talking to veteran teachers I have come to realize that teaching is not something that you get used to. Teachers that do go on auto-pilot do so at the expense of their diverse-ever-changing students.
Not to say you don't form routine, or build a pattern into what you still experience the weird and wacky.

This morning is extra a professional...I am preparing for Philly!!! The conference is going to be amazing....and I can't wait to be exposed to new ideas and ways to help my students experience their learning-selves.

However, I am a little tired. I was awakened this morning by breaking glass. I sent my boyfriend out to try to find the burglar. He found nothing and chocked my experience up to the meeting we had earlier with ADT sales man who guaranteed us that in our neighborhood we were in danger.

But....this morning when I let Gizmo out to the backyard through my sun porch I discovered broken glass. The Diet Coke in novelty bottles had frozen and the bottles exploded.

so this is what I'm thinking...if its this cold in cold is it in Philly?

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Jeff Lewis said...

Sorry about the novelty Cokes.. I am envious of you all going to Educon I think it is going to be a great experience judging from the wiki. I'm anxious to hear your feedback.