Friday, January 25, 2008

EDUCON day one

I am exhausted I just finished the pre-conferenced day for the educon. We toured the Science Leadership Academy today, the lesson or keystone that I'm taking away from today is that technology is only a tool an with it presents new management strategies. Even with the best laid lesson plans, without student-focused instruction (even with technology) you still can't have engagement. Just because each student has a computer doesn't mean that they are going to be smarter or learn takes a well balanced teacher to make this happen.

I am going to look for insight into classroom management and low-achieving kids tomorrow.

I don't know which sessions I want to go through, I need to take a few more minutes to see what is really relevant to me. Jen, my principal said that I need to pick one or two things to be really great at. I can know a lot about a lot of things, but I should be focus on becoming expert on one or two at a time, maybe that starts tomorrow!

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