Monday, January 28, 2008


I was exhausted the during the three long days that we were in Philly. I didn't get to update as often as I'd like.

I came away with two "aha's"
  • learning comes before tools
  • pick 1 thing that you will rock at
The entire conference was focused on sound instruction and what that looks like....the great sessions addressed learning and stayed clear from tools. I am a teacher first and then a teacher who uses technology. Has anyone really ever said that they were a textbook teacher? Is it necessary to say I'm a edtech person? While touring the school this fact became obvious all of the teachers were amazing. The amazing instruction was apparent when watching a classroom with little student engagement. It was clear the these really are normal kids who lose focus just like my students. How a teacher manages and directs the class is more important than what technology they use. Bad teaching gets worse when technology is introduced in the equation.

Next month some of my Global Learner colleagues and I are presenting on professional and personal development. I think that it is necessary for us to remember to stay away from the tools. We need to focus on what good professional/personal development is and how to create real change.

I'm still working on my thing...but as a team we began brainstorming the skills and strengths that we want our students to possess. The vision would be to create a statement: Adams City High School students are ______________. Then, we decide what this means with a few added statements. Finally we hope to pull this vision into instruction, and decide how are we addressing these goals. As this vision becomes ironed out I can guarantee that I will follow and address this vision

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