Wednesday, October 3, 2007

wiki mishaps

my goal in my literacy class today was to have students use my new wiki to describe the reading strategy planning and monitoring and begin adding vocabulary for our story. However, if one student was editing the rest of the students had to wait. And somehow student could "steal" editing privileges, so students would get kicked out of editing. When these students regained control and clicked "save" they accidently erased what everyone else had done!

So, I need to think of a procedure for using wikis. I think that next week I'll try google docs....I think we can all edit and collaborate at the same time.

I'm glad I tried this with my 15 student literacy class and not my 36 student American History class...ouch...I may not have recovered from that...I see my literacy classes as my technology sand box. I figure out the procedures and needs there...and then transfer them to my other classes.

What would a day teaching be without learning...

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Joseph Miller said...

Wikispaces or PBWIKI? I have had the same experience with wikispaces, but was not sure about pbwiki.

When Dave and I taught wikis we made sure that we had enough seeded pages that not everyone was on the same page...they had to edit different pages. That worked well.