Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday/Monday to do list

I decided to use bullets because I'm not quite awake enough to assign importance to any task.
  • wash the dog
  • dishes
  • grade papers for AM HIS 3
  • Begin drafting unit plan for Vietnam
  • finish work for grad school research class:
    • Final purpose
    • Data collection narrative and chart
    • Tools - draft
    • benefit and risk section
    • confidentiality section
    • Parent and child consent forms.
  • Hopefully I can do some laundry
  • shop for/plant bulbs
  • Maybe some dusting?
  • work on New Teacher training presentation: Web 2.0
  • Read my new book: Suite Francaise
  • NHS officer meeting agenda
  • clean my desk
Black text = done

1 comment:

Stewart said...

That just made me think of 5 more things I have to add to my list :(