Thursday, September 13, 2007

Night and Day

Today I ability grouped my students into different tables and gave them assignment that depended on that group. It was great. I Had them all read and as the class was reading I circulated giving instructions to each group.

Of course in the middle of my restructuring day I was observed....oh well...I feel great and can see some behavior and academic progress with my students!

Now to tackle do I ability group this? Some of my students are very dependent on me I'm not sure how to differentiate this (ironically one of my core beliefs is that technology is the great differentiator!)


Terry said...

Tonia, set open-ended projects that enable differentiation bby approach and by outcome.

Stewart said...

I have noticed similar things in my classes. I gave a fraction worksheet to students last year and I had 100% on tasks. The amazing thing was that not only were my problem kids working, the one who was rudest to me, asked me for help. Then proceeded to finish. The "aha" for me was that if the student felt capable of what was asked, they did it. I think every student would gobble up knowledge and wants to learn and is willing to work hard--when they feel like they will be successful. So teaching becomes, "How do I convince them that this is not as overwhelming as it seems and that they are capable and successful?" I think this is the root of why our students don't do homework. If I gave fraction worksheet, I bet more would do it. I am also trying harder to recognize their success and sometimes point it out to them, so they can be proud of themselves.

Joseph Miller said...

It is interesting to see yo7u experimenting with different tactics to engage and advance students. I think Stewart is right on that the students need to feel successful. Yes, we need to challenge students to meet our high expectations and these expectations need to be based on grade-level performance and where the child starts out.