Thursday, September 27, 2007

A blog comment by a fellow global learner said something to the effect of "if these kids are digital natives, why is it so hard to get them to participate."

Every second I'm not monitoring them they are using proxies to access myspace or looking at Youtube. But, having them set up a google doc document or comment on our bog is excruciating.

Part of my theory, when beginning this program, was that by using technology we would meet kids where they are to create a learning environment that is accessible and meaningful to them.

But they don't seem to get it. (Are we for once ahead of them?)

How long does it take for students to warm-up to blogs or other Web 2.0 things that we are offering them?
How long will it take for them to see it as useful...not a gimmick?
What is the ideal class size for teaching blogging and web 2.0 literacy?

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Joseph Miller said...

I had a conversation with a nationally recognized ed tech leader (who will remain nameless) who said he thinks that the Digital Naktives concept is misleading because it assumes that our kids know more about technology than we do. His argument was that we cannot assume that our kids will be tech savvy or quick with technology. However, we do have take responsibility for exposing students to technologies and contexts that can help them in the long-run. By forcing children to use collaborative technologies in a pro-social way (academic) trains them to be professional with these digital technologies. Digital Natives may end up being meaningless or only refer to students new desire to have information on demand.