Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello Students

I've invited you to my blog so that you can get a feel for what blogging is all about! On the Right I have a list of blogs that are currently on my reader. I'd like you to read through them.

As a learner, I find it easier to "learn" when I've reflected on what I've learned. This means I've attempted to sort everything out....what I know, what I don't know, things that remind me of things I've already learned, etc. When I've made these connections and have gotten everything out, its a lot easier for me "understand."

I'm not looking for you to be able to recall dates or facts, just to be able to think for yourself. This means we don't copy worksheets in here! In this class I want you to have a basic understanding of how we've gotten to this point in time. I want to you see yourselves a part of a greater picture.

You assignment:
1. Look at the posts on the "black board" on the right
2. Pick one that you want to comment about (come back to this page)
3. Find your class' blog on the right (log-in)
4. Post a response to that blog on your class blog
  • Your title should be your name and the title of the blog you're responding to
  • You need to link to the blog from your post
  • Check your spelling and professional.
    • The blogs you link to can come back and find you!
Good Luck! --- Learning is a process, a journey that is never truly finished!

Ms. Johnson

1 comment:

Joseph Miller said...

Ms. Johnson,

I just love the Blog of Proximal Development. I have it in my aggregator, but rarely read it. I think it is because every time I read this blog I feel challenged to get out of my comfort zone about what matters most in education. Don't get me wrong, I think Konrad is right on, but it is hard to feel a little uncomfortable.

Welcome Adams City High School students to the world of blogging. If you like the blogs you read make sure you tell the author on their blog (that's what the comments section is all about). Always be respectful, even when you disagree. Leave your first name and tell them what grade you are in. Finally, if you leave comment end with a question you have for the author. The question should be something you would like them to clarify or expand on. Asking a question at the end of a comment starts a conversation and sends the message that you respect the author.

Good luck!