Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thoughts on Science and Technology Academy

This is a tag cloud of a chat between Joe Miller, Bud The Teacher, Regina Stewart and myself. We are discussing what a Science and Technology academy would look like.


Protsman said...

This is interesting but also very hard to follow and understand. it only gives a glimpse of what you guys talked about. I really think there needs to be more involved open conversations about what the plan for the new high school is. It really seems limited to a select few. Heck I'm still trying to figure out all the differences between the group acronyms (IC, ILC, etc.)

Ms. Johnson said...

Thanks for your feedback! The point of this was to highlight the things that took a major role in a small conversation! I think its interesting to see the things that were discussed...instead of reading a whole discussion. By collaborating like this and on the voicethread...your voice is being heard!