Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blogging for reflection

Okay...so its been a month since my last post. February is a crazy month. I don't know if its crazy like this for everyone or just educators? I think I want to begin micro-blogging -- doing small entries more often.
The reflective practice of blogging is very meditative and relaxing. I Need to really do it more--to keep myself even and constantly learning and adapting.
After reading Who Moved My Cheese for a seminar for grad school I connected the book to blogging:

I like how our hero who finally decided to move and find new cheese recorded his journey on the walls. Reflection and documenting the journey is the biggest key to growth. I have found the past year while reflecting on my blog, I have found the biggest growth through my educational pursuits. Reflecting has cemented the progress that I have made and has made the things that I have learned real and has moved me into the next level of my profession. As a teacher, there is always something to work on and change in my classroom. Keeping track of the things that I am changing and how that change progresses is the greatest gift I have given myself. The ability to reflect on what works, what doesn’t work and why gives me the opportunity to grow into my profession.

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