Saturday, November 3, 2007

Final Exams Global Learner Style!!

I decided today to practice what I preach! Instead of a final exam my students will present a social/political movement through a multi-media platform. I banned powerpoint for this experience and am having them use a web 2.0 tool!
they have the choice of:
I had about 100% engagement (even students who are poor attenders and then don't do much any way couldn't help but get involved.)

I was impressed by the way they began exploring and manipulating their media. At the beginning of the year I couldn't get them to be creative, they just wanted to copy and get it over with. I feel that now, they are expressing themselves and competing to "the best."
I gave them their assignment on Thursday, Friday I showed them the media. They began working and exploring (and no laptops were stolen!)

It was a great teaching day! they were learning, having fun and expressing themselves.
It was really fun to watch them work. I can't wait until they present their presentation. I think I'll skype it with my webcam. Hopefully, Joe and/or Dave can be available to watch and comment.

Fun times @ E105!

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Stewart said...

YEA for student growth and engagement!!! There's hope that the initial frustration that we all felt leads to students slowly but surely seeing the big picture we try to show them! I need to keep going, I got burnt out for a while, but next week is a fresh start!